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Boots To Loupes~ A Gem And Jewelry Blog~

Why You Should Buy Antique, Vintage, and Estate Jewelry 1) Preserving the past for future generations~ Romantic, Mystical, Beautiful- Vintage pieces are often engraved with romantic messages that capture a moment of love that has been lost to time and when you wear one of these pre-owned items, you are becoming a part of a larger history.
February is National Library Lover's Month, and there's nothing we love more than cuddling up with a good book and a cute pup!
A jeweler knows what you have and what its worth. Other buyers need to offer you lower because they are taking more risk. Since we are taking less risks, we can offer you more.

A Jeweler can offer you MORE because we have the most outlets to sell your jewelry.
Technology has made it possible for you to acquire a natural diamond for a fraction of the cost all due to treatments to improve the clarity, or appearance of the diamond. While this can be an incredibly affordable way to save major dollars,unfortunately not all treatments are permanent.