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5 Reasons to Sell Your Jewelry To A Jeweler

Latoya Boyd 

World renowned, publishedJeweler, Jewelry Designer, and Graduate Gemologist educating you on all things gems and jewelry. From how to style and layer your look, to jewelry box staples, you'll be armed with jewelry knowledge and processes that will give you the confidence to shop jewelry gifts for you and your loved ones.  

A jeweler knows what you have and what its worth. Other buyers need to offer you lower because they are taking more risk. Since we are taking less risks, we can offer you more.

A Jeweler can offer you MOREbecause we have the most outlets to sell your jewelry. 

A Jeweler Must be Trust Worthy.

A jeweler's livelihood relies on trust. We are least likely to take advantage of you because we have the most to lose. We are easy to work with if anything goes wrong.

Jewelers offer options!

Consign with me or we can send it to auction. I will help you make the most money on your pre-owned jewelry.

Shop Local.

Since chain stores do not buy diamonds, the money will stay in your community, helping to create jobs within your local economy.

I hope you've enjoyed this short, sweet and straight to the point blog post about selling your old jewelry. I've been asked several times about the services I offer and I've come to find most people have no idea they too, can work with their personal jeweler to help offset the cost of a new custom design, a piece you see in the case you just have to have, or if you're just looking to make some extra side cash while you're decluttering your jewelry box! But who are we kidding. Our jewelry box will feel lonely after all that decluttering. Email me today to see how we can help you make some money by buying your jewelry.

What Kind Of Jewelry We Buy:

  • Gold, Platinum, Sterling Silver,Diamond Jewelry, loose natural diamonds (any shape) loose natural gemstones, Gemstone Jewelry, rough crystals etc.
  • Broken Jewelry, Estate Jewelry, New Jewelry, Vintage Jewelry, Designer Jewelry.
  • High End Watches- no knock offs. Sorry.
  • Hallmarked Jewelry.
  • We also buy genuine silverware and select silver items such as platters, tea pots, cutlery.
  • Email me today and let's make a deal.