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Updated Jewelry Cleaning and Care


Take your jewelry off.
Take off your jewelry when sweating, applying hand sanitizers or chemical disinfectants, lotions, perfumes or oils, hair products, makeup, before bathing and showering, cleaning, gardening, lifting weights, before operating heavy machinery, doing yoga, boating, swimming, boating, painting, using hand tools and power tool- failing to follow these recommendations will result in your jewelry becoming damaged beyond repair. Remove all of your jewelry before going to sleep. Please keep your jewelry away from chemical cleaners, such as bleach, ammonia, alcohol or acetone paint thinners and strippers.

Cleaning your jewelry
Simply wipe clean with a soft dry, non-abrasive cloth to clean. Polishing your plated jewelry will remove the plating.
Never steam clean or use ultrasonic cleaners on plated jewelry.
Keep your jewelry dry at all times.
Wipe your jewelry with a soft dry cloth after each wear and store your jewelry in a dry place away from direct sunlight.

Jewelry Storage
Store your jewelry safely and in an airtight container such as a closed jewelry box or ziplock bag.
Plated jewelry is not scratch-proof. Please keep your jewelry away from anything that may scratch or chip the plating. Take care not to rub your plated jewels on rough textiles such as leather and denim, as this may rub off or damage the plating.

Avoid harsh surfaces.
Keep your jewelry clean by gently wiping it with a soft and dry, non-abrasive cloth.
Do not use abrasive polishing cloths or liquid jewelry cleaners on your plated jewelry as this will remove the plating.Keep jewelry away from sand, glass, stone, as well as other types of metal objects.
Avoid wearing plated jewelry in layers or stack with other pieces of jewelry as this will cause the plating to chip and scratch the plating off of your jewelry.

Keep dry at all times. Do not expose to water.
Do not submerge or soak in water. Never use steam or ultrasonic cleaners on plated jewelry. Do not use abrasive polishing cloths or liquid chemical jewelry cleaners on your plated jewelry as this will remove the plating.


Repairs are for Latoya Boyd Jewelry only. For all professional jewelry concierge services such as, special Diamond and rare gemstone sourcing, personalized engraving services, repairs, cleaning, etc please contact us at for review and a service estimate.


We do not currently offer insurance plans however we recommend insuring your valuable jewelry using Jewelers Mutual insurance coverage or insuring your jewelry under your home insurance plan.


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