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Wedding Anniversary Gems

What are the Wedding Anniversary Gems?


Here's a handy chart for you to remind your significant other often of anniversaries!

1: Gold Jewelry
2: Garnet
3: Pearls
4: Blue Topaz
5: Sapphire
6: Amethyst
7: Onyx
8: Tourmaline
9: Lapis Lazuli
10: Diamond Jewelry
11: Turquoise
12: Jade
13: Citrine
14: Opal
15: Ruby
16: Peridot
17: Watches
18: Cat's-Eye Chrysoberyl
19: Aquamarine
20: Emerald
21: Iolite
22: Spinel
23: Imperial Topaz
24: Tanzanite
25: Silver Jubilee
30: Pearl Jubilee
35: Emerald
40: Ruby
45: Sapphire
50: Golden Jubilee
55: Alexandrite
60: Diamond Jubilee
70: Sapphire Jubilee
80: Ruby Jubilee

This list of suggested gemstone gifts has been endorsed by the American Gem Trade Association, the American Gem Society, Jewelers of America, the Jewelry Industry Council, the Gemological Institute of America, and the Cultured Pearl Association of America.