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Antiqued Hammered Brass Cuff

These beautiful aged brass cuffs will have varying shades of dark and light browns with red undertones and are sealed with a wax coating to preserve the deep rich colors and slows down the natural tarnishing process called oxidation that occurs when metal meets air- especially moist air.

Each brass cuff will be unique and each cuff will be truly one of a kind. No two cuffs are exactly alike.

These are statement cuffs can be worn with anything from jeans and a simple tee, to a fun statement accessory that sparks instant adoration and conversation.

Wear one on each wrist for a daring bold look reminiscent of Wonder Woman.

Made originally by Latoya Boyd GIA GG 2021

Made to Order.

Current Orders filled and shipped 7-10 days (as of 08/24/2022)